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An aluminium UTE is a tray/tub loading space where you can use to transport items and goods like toolboxes, safety protection gears, your dog, foodstuff and more. The only issue with most aluminium UTE canopy is the fact that it is exposed to weather elements like hot sun, wind, and rain, not forgetting theft.

Lockable canopies though reduce the impact caused by weather elements on goods being transported and also cuts down the chances of stuff being stolen or damaged. Canopies made from hardy and durable material like aluminium adds an extra layer of protection unto your UTE, tools, and equipment onboard.

An aluminium UTE canopy is a chassis or tub mounted structure with an access point, walls and roofing, which is commonly used to transport tools and equipment. Its advantages over the fibreglass or steel are the fact that it requires less maintenance, its lighter in weight hence doesn’t add extra weight to the vehicle’s normal economic fuel consumption. Aluminium is robust and abrasive resistant.

Aluminium canopies can be tailored and accessorized to suit many occasions in life, i.e. leisure and work by incorporating features into the canopy like drawers, trays, toolboxes, fridge slides and more.

Different types of aluminium UTE canopies

Demand from the Aussie driving population has driven aluminium canopy manufacturers to come up with different suits of aluminium canopies that meet a wide range of user requirements for the canopy. Aluminium UTE canopy manufacturers have made steady progress in renovations and inventions on matters to deal with canopies. They have made a milestone by designing high-quality aluminium UTE canopies that meet the vast majority of their clients’ plans. Hence eliminating the need for tailor-made canopies and the option of off the shelf sees the light. The same manufacturers have designed and fabricated canopy for almost any brand of the vehicle in the market.

Are aluminium UTE canopies water and dust resistant?

Probably not. No canopy can prevent all dust and water from entering, but if the areas around the hinges and the tailgates are sealed with a rubber sealing with a special adhesive, the dust and water entering will be minimised. For canopies with front and rear windows, the front one near the cabin of the vehicle should be left open, to positively pressurise the interior of the canopy to help in the ingression of dust and water. The vent on the aluminium UTE canopy will help prevent dust and water from getting in due to positive pressurization.

Advantages of using a canopy in your vehicle

  • Almost dust and waterproof. Little water or dust may get in though.
  • Hardy and resistant surface to weather elements like rain, hot sun, and wind.
  • They come in different shapes, sizes, and volumes
  • It can be partitioned to suit many requirements of a canopy.
  • They can be tailor-made to match the clients’ plans for a UTE canopy.
  • Aluminium ute canopies by CSM Service Bodies are lightweight, hence they add little additional weight and mass to the gross vehicle mass.
  • Spacious enough to carry many items in.

Disadvantages of having canopies on vehicles

It will impact the gross vehicle mass, which in turn affects the steering and towing ability of the vehicle. Things you will pack onto the canopy will add extra weight to the vehicle causing the vehicle to consume more fuel than the usual amount.

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