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Antifouling is a special painting applied to the bottom of the boats to protect against microorganisms that can destroy fibreglass and other types of materials used to make boats. Antifouling applies a protective layer between marine water and the boat and the process of antifouling takes varied times depending on the location and the salinity of water and the tidal flow of the area the boat operates on, typically between one year and 18 months.

In high flow tidal areas, antifouling should be done regularly due to more microorganisms passing by the boat and attaching themselves to the surface and increase in growth due to increased microorganisms passing by. You should let professional antifouling specialists do your boat because if not done well, the life expectancy of your boat will be cut short drastically. When you order antifouling in your boat ensure comprehensive antifouling is done even propeller antifouling which most important to increase the boat’s efficiency.

Detailing and cleaning your boat

Ensure you have a detailed antifouling and cleaning of your boat if you want top performance and avoid amusement ashore. Protect your pride from the elements of the sea regular detailed protection of your boat against the elements. Fibreglass will suffer oxidation after some time, which will fade away gel coat which in turn becomes chalky and dull. Metal surfaces on the boat will suffer from corrosion which will need to be removed and polished to prevent further damages. Glass windows will require regular cleaning and treatment to prevent clouding and to provide clarity to the crew. All these details need to be done by professionals in the field lest you waste your time and money with a rogue technician.

Other important services to the boats

Fibreglass boat repairs

You need to fix fibreglass damages no matter how small or large it is, and the damaged area needs to be reconstructed by a qualified boat technician so that you are sure that the damage is fixed once and for all. If your fibreglass repairs call for customisation or anything else, then it should be done correctly.  Some of the common fibreglass repairs include; hull repairs, stringers, transom repairs, gel coat repairs, floors and decks repair.

Boat covers

Boat covers need replacement after some time, to keep your boat semantic looks all the time. There are several covers available for your boat which can replace. Either you do overhaul replacement of the covers or do it one at a time depending on your budget. The most common covers to be replaced include the following; Bimini tops, clears, covers, upholstery fit-outs & floor carpets. While choosing the materials to be used on your boat repairs, make no mistake, the right materials will determine how well and how long your machine will serve you. The extreme water conditions are unforgiving if you got the wrong repair materials on your boat.

Why your boat needs your attention

If you are a lifestyle boating geek or your boat for a joy ride, your boat needs special attention after every trip you make in the water on a sunny day or cloudy day. If you want to travel with ease and have fun or gain optimum profit from your boat, please accord the necessary attention it requires and with the help of professionals with rich experience in boat maintenance and repairs.

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