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Boat Detailing Gold Coast- Boat detailing tips

Everyone wants to make sure that their boat looks great. In fact it is a moment of great pride when someone compliments how well your boat is looking despite all the wear and tear it goes through on a regular basis. The key lies in the detailing and a boat which has been painted carefully does tend to stand apart from other vessels.

The following are some tips from boat detailing experts in Gold Coast to help ensure that your boat looks great year after year.

  • Rinse our boat before you start with the waxing or the painting. It would help get rid of the loose dirt and debris and would make applying wax a great deal easier. Make sure to clean the boat from top to bottom. Use a pressure washer if possible because it offers a more thorough cleansing action. Once the boat is all clean, make sure you let it air dry before coating it with wax. Some professionals even make use of a dryer to make sure they have gotten rid of excessive moisture. If you want you can let the boat air dry for a day or two.
  • Before you actually want to do anything on your boat, make sure to remove the old wax. This is the first thing you need to consider. Painting over the old wax wouldn’t quite give that finished look and the end result would look slip shod. This can be done using lots of rags. Just make sure not to r use the same surface more than once so that you don’t end up reapplying the wax. The wax can actually add shine to the surface. Always make sure that you purchase wax which is especially designed for boats.
  • Once you are done with the waxing, seal it using a wax sealer. You can choose from a variety of sealers available in the market.
  • Make use of a polisher. It gives a faster and more professional looking result. If possible get your hands on a rotary polisher. It not only works faster but also splatters a great deal less paint. However, if you are new to using machines then a orbit polisher would be a better option.
  • While you may use the machine on the whole area but there are certain places which might require you to apply the product using your hands. Avid using a rag when applying wax. Instead slip on a pair of gloves and let your hands do all the work for amore glossy and finished look. Hard to reach areas can be accessed easily using this simple technique.

Boats are usually exposed to harsh conditions which can leave them looking a bit to worn out. If you want to make sure that your boat stays looking spic and span you need to invest in boat detailing in Gold Coast. If you are not able to manage the waxing and painting on your own, you can definitely take help from the professional. Spraytech Marine are specialised boat detailers. Call them for in-depth information.

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