More than countless appreciations and heartwarming remarks from visitors around the world, The Great Barrier Reef is truly a taste of heaven on earth. A place you could call greater than paradise and if everybody agrees, one of God’s masterpiece on this very planet.

There are truly a lot of reasons why it should be protected because from time to time, human intervention is proven to have unpleasant results. Men by nature were created good, but more often, their decisions usually follow drastic actions that eventually hurt or offend the gifts of Mother Nature.

Before anyone tries to ruin or destroy its natural habitat, here are some things to ponder why it is important to preserve and protect its resources:

It’s a gift from the Mighty Creator

If you have been to different beaches around the world, consider The Great Barrier Reef the most beautiful of them all. God wants us to accept and love what He has done and given to mankind. Taking good care of these things would not mean just a simple appreciation but also always bringing the thought of giving value and importance for the children of the upcoming generations. Most importantly, if we learn to value God’s creations, it also means we value Him, more than respect and obedience.

Beauty and splendour beyond compare

We usually categorise beaches and set criteria like having fine white sand and a crystal clear water. How about if I tell you that the depths of the Great Barrier Reef could be seen clearly even from the sky when you’re riding an aeroplane. How is that to you? Is it not something to waste when we don’t do something about it? It’s truly one of the best, if not the best places in the world. A place worth keeping and safeguarding.

The grandest system of coral reefs

The place speaks for itself with this kind of description. The Great Barrier Reef is a home and a  marine sanctuary of almost all kinds of aquatic animals in the world. Coral reefs are where different species of fish thrive and lay their eggs, giving the world, millions, if not billions of fingerlings each year. It must be preserved and protected since there is none like it in the global setting and perspective.

It’s a source of joy and inspiration for most Australians

The Great Barrier Reef is situated off the coast of Queensland, Australia, but still, distance doesn’t really matter when people want to experience adventure and communing with nature. Whether on a speed boat or a yacht, thrill seekers experience the most transparent beach waters in the world through snorkelling and diving deep under the ocean. Looking at its depth allows you to come in contact with a lot of marine life as if begging mankind to keep it that way eternally.