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Why 4×4 Roof Rack is the best option for your vehicle

Throughout the year, car roof racks, especially roof racks, are ideal for going on a road trip. Practical, comfortable and simple to use, they are increasingly popular with hikers and nature lovers. What are the pros and cons of the roof rack? How to choose it? In this article, we will guide you through buying the best roof rack for your car.


As the name suggests, the roof rack is set up on the roof of your car. It adapts to all types of vehicles, from the city car to the RVs, including the station wagon, the 4×4 or the van. It is mounted on roof bars.

When riding, the roof rack is folded up and takes up no more space than a roof box. When stationary, it deploys on your roof and is easily accessible by a ladder.


The roof rack is durable in many ways, but it also has some drawbacks. Here is a summary of its main advantages and disadvantages:


It is long-lasting and easy to use. Unlike the ground rack, which you have to pitch every night and fold up every morning even in the rain, the roof rack unfolds and folds quickly.

It adapts to all roofs as long as it is fitted with roof racks. You can, therefore, use the same rack on several vehicles.

If you can’t afford or have the opportunity to buy a van or camper, the roof rack is a great alternative. It still allows you to go on a road trip without planning to stay overnight at the hotel!

If you have a van or RV but not enough space, the roof rack will allow you to add extra beds for better comfort.

UV4x4 Roof Racks allow not being in contact with the ground, as would be the case with a traditional rack. This is a significant advantage if you are afraid of small animals or camping in a muddy place.

Finally, we don’t often think about it, but the ground rack allows us to get around certain camping bans! Indeed, certain places are prohibited within the ground rack; however, it is not prohibited to park there to sleep in the car or, in this case, in a rack on your roof.


It also requires the purchase of roof racks. But be careful, don’t take any roof bars! The choice must take into account a crucial criterion. Your roof bears must be strong enough to carry the weight of the rack, and also yours when you are inside. Also, check the PTAC of your vehicle (Total weight allowed under load, indicated on your registration card). As with any other carrying element, it is essential not to exceed it.

As we have just pointed out, the roof rack is a carrying element. It therefore slightly increases the wind resistance of your vehicle, which can lead to fuel consumption of the order of 5 to 10%. However, the price difference at the pump is much less than the dollars spent on hotel nights.

It is only accessible from the outside, unlike the lifting roofs that can be found on some vans and vans. This can be a disadvantage if the weather conditions are bad.

Finally, if you place your roof rack on a van, pay money to the total height of your vehicle! If it exceeds 2.30m, you will pay more to cross a toll.

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