Despite the various plans to go into space and set up shop on Mars or another water-carrying planet, we only have one Earth, and it needs to be protected at all costs. Climate change is not a myth or a ploy for propaganda, it is real, and it is killing the planet. Australians generate an average of 67 million tonnes of waste each year! This has prompted the government to take action by investing over $100 million into restoration efforts. Here are some simple ways to protect the planet in everyday life.

  1. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

If you can, reduce the amount of plastic, electricity, and water being used in your household.

Reuse bags for shopping, jars for food storage, etc., to keep down on the amount of waste being produced by each person. Bringing paper, or reusable plastic bags to the grocery store is a great way to cut down on plastic waste. Coffee shop cups generally have an inner layer of plastic in them. Start bringing your own coffee cup to avoid the use of plastic.

Recycle paper, plastic, and metals rather than throwing everything in the same bin. Find out where you have to go to properly dispose of your recyclables.

  • Ditch the disposable plastic!

Building off the first tip, reduce the amount of plastic being used in your household by opting for non-plastic storage options and utensils. A huge part of the problem with the amount of waste being generated is the use of disposable plastic. For example, store food in glass jars instead of plastic. The jar has an airtight seal that will keep food just as fresh, if not more, as storing it in plastic containers. Glass and metal containers are a cheap and reusable alternative to plastic storage containers and single-use plastic.

  • Conserve

Conserve the amount of water and energy being used in your house by turning water and light off when not in use. This sounds simple, but there are plenty of ways that people don’t realize they could reduce water and energy usage.

  1. Turn the water off while you brush your teeth.
    1. Turn off lights when you exit the room
    1. Take shorter showers

Another way to reduce your energy usage is to replace energy consuming light bulbs with energy-conserving bulbs that are much better for the environment.

  • Get educated!

Learn about the options and programs near you for properly sorting your waste. The Department of the Environment and Energy is dedicated to getting the public to reduce waste and protect the environment. It’s a good idea to visit their website to stay informed about how you can help do your part in reducing your footprint.