Water is practical, a very important component of life. This miracle liquid is powerful enough to hydrate our bodies during extreme heat and at the same time, a solvent that dissolves toxins and other unwanted elements in our body. Yet, as of this writing, the imminent danger is on its way, due to the fact that the percentage of freshwater is declining every day due to irresponsible human acts or behaviour. Consequently, this dilemma could reach the point of water shortage even in industrialised countries and worse, if and when, this liquid will be sold at a price greater than gold or oil, per se.

Preventing this from happening should start with an individual’s sincere advocacy in giving hope for the future generation with the cooperation or collaboration of homeowners. Efforts will be combined with the primary objective of storing sufficient drinking water for humanity and helping one another in protecting areas or sources that it emanate.

This is a very serious problem that we cannot ignore. Hence, let this article be simple advocacy or an information drive that will deal with water conservation tips for homeowners.

Choosing quality materials for water and sewerage systems

This is primarily the basic requirement to consider in water conservation. A homeowner who makes certain that the installation of pipes and distribution lines from the source to the end consumer is professionally done and materials used are of superior quality. Settling for substandard water system paraphernalia will only make matters worse because of bursting pipes caused by too much pressure or a trickling faucet due to poor plumbing services.

Preventive maintenance by a well-respected and professional handyman

Prevention is better than asking someone to do constant and endless repairs on your trickling faucet or your congested kitchen sink. It takes a lot of self-consciousness and discipline in order not to leave the faucet open when not in use or by scooping by hand solid food particles so that it will not go down the drain which will cause water overflowing because of congestion. Doing or following these basic housekeeping rules will eventually save a lot of water from being wasted and not to mention, the need to hire people who will take care of the mess we made. Though service repair men are important to do the job we can’t perform, it’s still wise to do our part to conserve water.

Using recycled water for the restrooms

Imagine if you use fresh and potable water to flush your toilet. Is it not wasting too much precious water on a regular basis? Why not go for a system where you could use water for the second time? A professional plumber surely knows what to do. The secret comes from the pipe where the water you use to wash your hands or freshen up your face goes down to storage leading to your bathrooms or restrooms in this case.