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When choosing a GPS tracker, it’s important to keep certain factors in mind. This would help you ensure that the tracker you are looking for is just right for you. Trackers make use of GPS technology to get the exact location of their device through triangulation methods. This allows the satellite to observe as many locations a possible and helps strengthen the data which is obtained using this method.

The following are a few things which you should consider when getting GPS vehicle tracking in Australia.

The cost

How much money are you willing to spend would have a major influence on what kind of GPS tracking system you would invest in. the more features you are looking for, the more you would have to pay. The monthly cost can range for a few hundred dollar for a smaller fleet to thousands of dollars for larger ones.

The size of the device

Make sure that you get a tracker which has a compact size so it can be placed discreetly in the vehicles.

Passive tracking system or real time tracking system

When using a passive tracking system all the data is stored in the receiver. This data is then downloaded onto a local server once the vehicle returns to the headquarters. It gather information every thirty seconds and require a whole lot of memory to store the data. Plus the storage capacity can vary anywhere from seven days up to sixty days. On the other hand real time tracking devices makes use of the modern satellite technology. It continuously updates the data into the server and there is absolutely no risk of data loss. Thus it’s very easy to go and check past record for information.


It’s important to dispatch items on a timely basis. It becomes a great deal easier when using real time tracking usually helps drivers identify the shortest and the best possible routes. In turn it helps them avoid traffic and provide a sense of safety.

Alerts features

It’s important to invest in real time alerts, however it’s only possible in case of real time solutions. Choose a tracker which allows fleet managers to track vehicles 24/7. Instead of having to access the data on the computer it should be possible to access it from a mobile device as well. Easier accessibility makes up for better productivity.

The kind of mapping it provides

In order to make sure that the productivity of the driver remains efficient throughout, it’s important to invest in a tracking system which provide accurate mapping. A bird’s eye view of the street and easy parking instructions. All these can help save time and also provide a sense of security to the driver. Employees that feels secure are in turn more productive.

Choosing the right vehicle tracking system is crucial. Not only do these improve efficiency but are also good for preventing thefts. The real time tracking allows for exact location of the vehicles and therefore makes it easy to track.

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