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Enough research has been carried out on the impact of noise on the health and wellbeing of office workers. It has been observed that noise can greatly impede their productivity. This alone should be a cause of concern for the management.

Smart employers know that happy employees mean greater efficiency. On average noise can impact the productivity of an employee by almost 30%. This would mean precious days lost due to ill health and slower work progress because of decreased efficiency.

This is why it’s important to consider the acoustics of the office space. This is where acoustic office walls can help. Offices with an open plan are the most prone to increased noise levels than any other kind of work spaces. The use of acoustic office walls not only lower the noise level but can provide the kind of peaceful environment necessary to work efficiently.

The following are a few benefits of Acoustic office walls:

Acoustic office walls helps improve concentration

In one of the studies cited in the Wall Street Journal, it was mentioned that distraction caused by even a few second could greatly lower the efficiency of an office worker. In fact it could take a total of about twenty minutes or more to get that level of concentration back. Acoustic walls absorb the noise before it can hinder the concentration levels.

Improved efficiency

Since there would be fewer distractions caused by the noise at an office, employees tend to concentrate more. This in turn improves their efficiency. Nosie can have a negative impact on the wellbeing of an individual. Imagine being exposed to the continuous murmur of sounds of people and office machinery. Sometimes it can be enough to cause a great deal of stress in even the best of employees.

Better privacy

Sometimes there are conversations at the office which are meant to be private. A closed door is not a guarantee that people outside the room can’t hear everything that is going on. Using the right kind of acoustics can prevent the sound from escaping. This is why it’s essential to make use of acoustic wall panels.

Solutions for reducing noise levels at the work place

It doesn’t really matter what kind of office you have or what acoustic challenges you might be facing. What counts is that you have considered that it is a problem which needs to be addressed. The first step is to recognize that noise is an issue and should be reduced to a minimum. It not only helps reduce the stress which employees go through on a daily basis but also helps them concentrate on the complex task which they have to address every day.

You can choose from a wide variety of acoustic devices like room dividers, acoustic wall panels, sound absorbing lighting, think tanks and so on. Make sure you talk to a professional to help you understand the acoustic needs which you should consider. This would also help you make the right changes and improve employee efficiency.

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