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The popularity of pontoon boats has made owners make some form of restoration at some point the most sensible thing to do. Carpeting the floors of the pontoon seemed the only and most popular option.

However, a great deal of fungal and mould growth has been the most common experience of a pontoon boat with carpet. As a pontoon boat owner, you might even have experienced a breakdown of the carpet fibres to expose the wood beneath.

Regularly cleaning the carpet is one option to prolong its appearance and life. Doing bi-annual cleanups on the carpet seems to do the trick of inhibiting the growth of moulds.

However, there comes a time when your pontoon carpet needs to be replaced. If you’re in the Gold Coast, knowing the varied pontoon carpet Gold Coast flooring options means getting the best one to suit your need, taste, and preference.

While the top contender for pontoon boat flooring is still the carpet, it’s not the only option to have.

Replacing the carpet is likely to happen at some point. Just remember that whatever flooring option you make, everything must be stripped from edge rails to fencing from old flooring to make way for new flooring.

Painting the pontoon floor with a roller brush

Paint is applied to the floor using a roller brush. This style restores the floor effectively and economically. However, the entire surface has to be sanded to even things out with any rot filled out with fillers such as fibreglass Bondo.

If fillers were used, the floor has to be sanded again after it has been filled and dried. Doing it this way can be cheap, but tremendous work can be daunting.

Vinyl flooring

Heavy-duty vinyl flooring offers another tough and economical option to have in your pontoon boat. The vinyl comes in two colour options: light gray and cream. Using vinyl means floors that are easily installed and cleaned. The durability of the material makes it last for a long time.

The material’s surface is non-skid, thanks to its pebble grain style. It is also cool to step on during hot days and bang for your buck makes the vinyl flooring more popular than carpet.

Luxurious woven vinyl flooring

The luxurious woven vinyl flooring is a high-end option with its closed froth cell foam backing. Since its inception, pontoon owners have taken it off the chart when it comes to choice.

Recreational industries have also seen the benefits of using this type of flooring other than pontoon boat owners. The varied textures and colours of this style of flooring make it a great choice to use on pontoon boat floors.

Other than soothing your feet, the padded luxurious woven vinyl flooring also helps your back. Manufacturers of this material have taken it a step further by creating a pallet of textures and patterns imitating teak or nature.

Not only is it great to use on flooring, but it is also dirt, sun, microbe, and fade-resistant. The price may be hefty, but the benefits and its longevity outweigh the expense.

Replacing the entire floors of your pontoon boat entails a lot of work and expense, to boot. The smartest way to replace flooring the right way is to let the experts handle the job. Check pontoon carpet options available on the Gold Coast.

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